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Yes WeeFoal works on minature mares and is a preferred method to palpating due to the small size of the mare.

Yes, Weefoal works on all sizes of donkeys.

The test takes 5 minutes to run - if you do not see the liquid travleing in the test window after 4 minutes -  take the pipette you used to deliver the sample to the test well and very genlty press down in the well with the pipette.  This should not be something you have to do everytime you run a Weefoal test but some mares urine is thicker and pressing in the well usually helps to get it to start traveling into the test window.

 The tests very rarely fail and it is usually operator error.  Please make sure you have read and followed the instructions carefully. If you still cannot get the test to perform please Email foals@manitobahorse ASAP and we will try to walk you through the problem.

The simple answer is no.  We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the results if the sample is more than 2 hours old.

Yes, if you see the mare urinating and can get to the sample fast enough to get liquid - a few ice cyrstals will not impair the result.

Yes, providing you do not get a sample from a place a mare has previously just urinated.  Any place the mare, you are wanting to test, urinates that leaves enough liquid to scoop into a clean contianer is acceptable.

A very small amount is needed - approximately a tablespoon's worth is more than enough.

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