How The Test Works

The WeeFoal Test gives accurate results on whether or not a mare is pregnant between 90 days up until the last two weeks before foaling.

The test is simple and easy to use.  It gives its answers based on a certain hormone that reaches a certain level during the specified times.

1.)  Collect a urine sample from the subject mare. (Run the test within 1 hour - do not store the urine for use at a later date.)

2.)  Allow the Test kit to come to room temperature (It should be stored in the fridge until the day you are ready to run the test).

3.)  Follow the instructions provided.  Which are to use one pipette to put urine into the mixing bottle.  Shake the bottle and use the second pipette to put a sample into the well of the test.  Read the Test After 5 minutes.   A full instruction sheet is available for download in a PDF.  CLICK HERE

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